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Why hire a Campervan for Your Holidays in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, or Bedfordshire

When planning your Camper holiday in England, why not make your vacations even more exciting and fun. These days instead of staying in the same hotel, most travelers want to go on adventures that are raw and real, and the best way to achieve these types of experiences in England, Scotland or Wales is to hire a campervan in Northampton, the Midlands, Buckinghamshire, which is ideally located to start your adventure.

Why hire a Campervan for Your Holidays

VW Camper Holiday is a rental company that gives you the chance of discovering the lush greenery of the Midlands, pure cold streams of the Northamptonshire, and sunsets of Buckinghamshire in the most grandeur way possible by providing you camper vans to hire in the most cost-effective ways possible.

If you are somewhat afraid that by getting a campervan hire Northamptonshire can be a little way too much to explore the lands of England, then we assure you that your whole journey will be blessed with beautiful scenes and green affairs.

There are so many reasons as to why you should be hopping into a camper van by VW Camper Holiday and start your mini-exploration adventure with triumph, some of which are given below.

  • Amazing Tour

Our brand new VW Highline Camper Vans offer a fantastic opportunity for an amazing camper touring holiday. VW camper holiday is able to satisfy all of your needs in one of our superbly equipped 4 berth Campers. We offer short break (mid-week), weekend and full week hire - as well as discounts on longer-term holiday rentals

  • Prompt Services

VW Camper Holiday presents camper hire in the Midlands, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, and Bedfordshire as we understand that the beauty of these places can only be unraveled only through slow-paced traveling that can only be done in a robust camper van that is equipped with all the things one needs for having a good time in the wilderness.

By keeping the whole process transparent and providing online booking we try to encourage more and more people to camp up beside the wonderful streams and enjoy the starry sky at night. If your vehicle breakdowns anywhere during your trip we are available 24/7 to take care of it.

  • Power and Amenity

Our Campers are superbly equipped including 24ov hook-up, Leisure Battery, Solar Panels, Hob, grill, Sink & running water, Fridge, LPG Heating, Wi-Fi, Apple Play connection and B&O Speaker

With a capacity in which four adults can sleep easily, you are surely going to have the time of your life while camping in one of our vehicles from the premier campervan rental company based in Northamptonshire.

Stop searching for ‘VW campervans for hire near me’ just visit our site and pre-book your ticket to mysterious adventures by hiring a campervan from us. Ideally located for collection near Northamptonshire, Midlands, Buckinghamshire, and Northampton, we are always ready to provide you with rides that will help you cover your journey with ease.

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